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Live streaming Live Events!


Live streaming Events

This week we will Live streaming two large events, the first is a multi-camera shot with five cameras which we will mix via our Blackmagic TV Studio. We will stream the Scottish Police Authority’s Public Meeting, directly to the Livestream platform using our MacPro. This month’s Public Meeting will be Streamed from the Stirling Management Centre, and is in Partnership with Precise Events.

Our Second Live stream is for The British Texel Sheep Society where we will Live stream the sale of Texel Sheep. This is another Multi-Camera shot which will be Streamed on the Societies Youtube Channel over two days. We will be using our New Custom Built Live streaming PC which has the capabilities to Live stream up to eight 4k Cameras.

Should you have an Event that you would like Live streamed then please give us a call on 07753771257