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Drone Footage & Aerial Photography

Aerial Video & Photography

Johnston Media are now officially, CAA approved – PfCO qualified and fully insured and can film anywhere in the UK.

In 2016, we made the decision that we needed to offer our customers both drone filming and photography. But the laws on flying a drone commercially are closely controlled, So, we set out to get the required qualifications. We are pleased to say that Iain is now qualified and holds a PfCO – which is issued by the CAA.

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Drone operators who have taken the necessary exams and have been issued with a (PfCO) by the Civil Aviation Authority are obligated to follow certain laws when they are flying: –
  • They cannot fly higher than 400ft or 120 meters
  • They must remain 50 meters away from persons, property, vessels, and structures that are not under their control. Being under the control of the pilot means that all relevant parties are aware of the flight, have been briefed on safety procedures and can be reasonably expected to follow them. During the take-off and landing phase, this distance is reduced to 30 meters.
  • When there is a gathering of more than 1000 people, this safe distance increases to 150 meters away (or 50 meters during take-off and landing)
  • A drone pilot must have permission from the landowner at the take-off and landing zone.