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Live streaming Kit for Hire!

Live streaming Kit for Hire!

We now have a stand-alone Live streaming Kit for Hire!


It will accept HDMI, RCA Component or Composite a/v signal from devices such as camcorders, visual mixers or other playout equipment. Video broadcasters can now deliver multi-bitrate HD live video streaming to Flash, iOS and Android devices using the StreamingVideoProvider’s cloud live video streaming service.

We control the encoder remotely, it gives us the ability to configure and manage the Encoder from a remote location and be able to Start or Stop the device, reboot and change the configuration, even if you are thousands of miles away.

With the push of a button, you will be streaming live video in no time. It takes seconds to configure the device and anyone can do it! Simply connect the Encoder to your router or WiFi network and plug in your input your camera or a visual mixer and off you go!

This removes the need for a separate computer, encoding software and audio plug-ins making it an easy all-in-one live streaming video solution which can be installed on-site, taken along and even be deployed in remote locations.

We will remotely Auto Configuration the Encoder which will detect your available broadband speed and setup the live streaming video encoder with the best settings so you can achieve the maximum possible video quality. It will also detect the current video and audio inputs so that you ready to broadcast.

You can now Stream live beautiful full 1080p HD video to all compatible devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad and Flash enabled devices, ensuring that your audience gets the best viewing experience.

The live streaming video encoder can broadcast using multi-bitrate streaming that improves your viewer’s experience by delivering your live stream with the resolution that matches their connection speed best. When you stream using multi-bitrate the video player automatically selects the highest quality stream version that the viewer’s connection speed can stream at. It can even switch between resolutions automatically if there is a change in the viewer’s connection speed ensuring that they can view your live broadcasts at the highest quality possible.

Not only will we Livestream your event but your live events will be recorded and made available for your viewers to see on demand within minutes after the live event is over. No need to upload any recordings! For those who are running critical events and want to make sure they have a local backup we will record your Live HD Broadcasts locally as well. When we have finished recording you can easily mount your drive straight into a computer and use the local recordings for video editing, giving you the best of both worlds.

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