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NHS Annual Paediatric Study Day 2020


NHS Annual Paediatric Study Day 2020

We normally get a little bit of notice when filming conferences, but on this occasion that wasn’t the case!

Friday 4pm – A call from one of our NHS Contacts to ask if we could film & record PPT Slides for a conference at Stirling Court Hotel on Monday at 9am. The short answer was yes, we could.

Our next call ten minutes later was with the event organiser Luke to confirm availability and find out a little more about what His requirements were. Ok, brief received and we are ready to go!

Monday 8am– We meet Luke and go over the day’s events and load the speaker’s PPT slides on to our PC with graphics that we made over the weekend. We are unique in a way, as we filmed, recorder and mix the content live so that we can deliver the speaker videos quickly, normally the following day. Monday evening the recorded files are split into individual speakers ready for uploading to the client.

Tuesday 9am – The Videos are uploaded and delivered to the client using Wetransfer.

Tuesday 12.35 – Email received from Luke,

Hi Iain,

Managed to download them no problem – also had a quick look through and they look really good. Good job on the editing and the background image – looks fantastic and the audio is better than it was in real life!

Best wishes,

Having your conference filmed in this way may not be as expensive as you think! For further details on how we can help deliver the digital content of your conference, please contact our sales team on 01765655655 or Iain on 07753771258