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Virtual Online Events

Would you like to deliver an important message to your customers or employees or maybe you’re looking to hold a panel discussion on topics that are related to your industry?

Johnston Media are Livestreaming specialists and have delivered hundreds of virtual online events for companies such as Cigna Health Care, The Scottish Police Authority, RBS, Merck & Diageo. Would you like to deliver an important message to your customers or employees? Or maybe you’re looking to hold a panel discussion on a topic that relates to your industry?

We producer and Livestream high quality virtual events. Keynote speakers can deliver their presentation securely from their home or office anywhere in the World. So, in these unusual times where all major conferences and events across the world have been cancelled, many businesses have turned to Webinars and Zoom Meetings to deliver their message.

Although these platforms are doing a good job, they were never really designed to deliver virtual conferences or events. By using an established Livestreaming Company such as Johnston Media that deliver online content, you will receive a more structured and professional looking event. Here are a few of our top tips to help you structure and deliver a professional and engaging event.


The same principals you apply to your face to face events, will apply to your online events. You will need a lively Host or Moderator, someone that will keep your audience engaged and will introduce each speaker and keep your event running to time.  We will organise and deliver your virtual event, you will be given an event producer who will supervise the entire process from pre-production through to post-production. The producer will provide suggestions on how best to deliver your event and in a style that suits your company, and of course, will keep you to budget.


One of our Technicians will contact each speaker before the event to ensure that their computer and broadband all works and is compatible with our Studio. We will have an online pre-event meeting where we can discuss the content and the running order for your event. We endevor to rehearse with each presenter to give them a feel for being on camera. We do a full online rehearsal the day before your event, with a quick run through on the morning of the event. Our Producer can talk directly to the Host or even the Speakers while their on Air, with out the viewers hearing whats been said.


Every event needs a Host or Moderator on stage to ensure things run to time and this still applies when your event is online! You may well have someone inhouse that is happy to take on this role and if you have we are happy to work with them. If you don’t and you would like to have a professional Online Host then we highly recommend Roy Shepard. Roy is a professional Online MC, facilitator & speaker who will help deliver a world-class event!


You will need a Landing Page for your delegates to register and of course view your event, you must get all the names of your delegates so you can analise who they are, what they do and where they are from. We host on a Secure Platform which has 128 Bit AES Encryption it also offers Global Video CDN and let’s not forget the HD Quality Streaming. All Events are recorded in full HD for playback at a later date.


You will need the following:
• Fast Internet, check your speed here –
• Laptop or PC with a Webcam using Google Chrome
• Headset or Earbud headphones

You will need the following:
• Fast Internet, check your speed here –
• Laptop or PC with a Webcam using Google Chrome
• Headset or Earbud headphones
• A SmartPhone – This will be your remote control for advancing your slides

• Fast Internet, check your speed here –
• Laptop, PC or similar to watch on!

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