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Live streaming Conferences and Events

Live streaming & Webcasting Conferences

We offer live streaming and webcasting of conferences and events in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK & Europe. Live streaming your conferences or events, can open you up to a world audience allowing existing or new customers to see what you do! We can keep your live stream or webcast private, so only internal people within your company can see what your live stream is about.

Over the last few years, live streaming has become very popular with Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo all offer free streaming. We can also offer private streaming to your own website with live chat or social media integration.

If you have a meeting or event you would like to live stream, then please get in touch, we will happily run through all the possible option with you.

Private Streaming with Chat Function!

Why Livestream!

  • Archiving of presentations

  • Playback on demand at a later date

  • Single camera or Multicamera setup

  • Connect to offices around the world

Here are just a few of our Live streaming Customers