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Live streaming Conferences

Live streaming Conferences

Live streaming your conferences or events, can open you up to a world audience allowing existing or new customers to see what you do. We can stream directly to your website either publicly or we can make the stream private, so only internal people within your company can view your live stream.  We also offer analytics, interactive chat and Pay-Per-View.

We can also add social media integration to your production so that you can interact live with your audience via Chat, Twitter or Facebook, and we can even include Skype calls in your Live stream. The general conception is that professional Live streaming is expensive, but it’s not, and it is a worthwhile investment for many types and sizes of events.  Here is a link to how to promote your event on YouTube

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Reach your audiance across multiple social media platforms

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To engage properly with new customers, you will need to deliver a professional looking video, with possibly PowerPoint Slides, Graphics and of course good audio. We have over twenty years experience in the conference and events industry, working directly with clients, event organisers and AV Companies both here in the UK and Europe.

In the last seven years, our Live streaming business has grown, and we are now one of the UK’s leading Live streaming suppliers offering Single camera with a simple straight to internet solution or a Multi-camera production, with full vision mixing and graphics.

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In the last ten years, the world has gone Social Media Crazy!

Every morning, before we leave the house, we pick up our phone or tablet and check what happened overnight. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin are just a few of the Social Media sites we look at before we leave for work.

Are platforms like Facebook Live just a gimmick! No, these video platforms will be around for a very long time. Marketers have been using videos as a sales tool for a long time, and it works very well for them. You can also use Facebook Live in your business to creating short behind the scenes videos of you and your colleges getting your next conference or event ready.

Here are just a few of our Live streaming Customers