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PowerPoint & Keynote Speaker Recording

Recording Speakers & PowerPoint 

We normally record Conferences & Town hall meetings using two cameras, one will be on the Keynote speaker and the other is a wide shot taking in the screen and the keynote speaker. We also record your PowerPoint Slides and insert these into the video so that your viewers can see the detail in the slides.

We will then edit the footage using full screen or picture in picture creating a professional looking video.

  • Camera One – Is on the Lectern filming the Keynote Speaker and Camera Two is a wide shot taking in the Stage, the Keynote Speaker & the Screen
  • Record all PowerPoint Slides and insert them into the video
  • Edit your footage and slides together using either full screen or Picture in Picture
  • The Video above is a good example of what we normally deliver!
  • VGA or HDMI feed from your Laptop
  • Audio Feed from the mixing desk should their be one
  • We can supply audio equipment if required
  • We will edit a file for each Keynote Speaker
  • Encoded each file ready for your Website or YouTube
  • Edited and delivered within 2 to 3 working days
For details on Filming & Recording Keynote Speakers – Call 01764-655655