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Live streaming of Conferences & Events

Live streaming Conferences and Events


Live streaming conferences and events opens you up to the widest possible audience! People all over the world will gain the opportunity see what you have to say. Highlighting your expertise puts you in a position of authority within your industry. This in turn can enhance both your brand and your reputation.

We can stream to many providers; including Youtube, Facebook, or your own Website. We can also provide social media integration to your production. This brings the added advantage of allowing you to interact with your audience LIVE!

What’s more, you can also record your meeting or presentation for archiving. Your conference or event could continue to gather feedback and recognition long after it finishes.

Our equipment can also be used to stream more small-scale meetings to offices all over the world.

Get in touch for a tailored approach, which will help you stand out as a leading voice within your industry.

Here are just a few of our Live streaming Customers

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